The oven that revolutionized the world of pizza in cooking quality and speedy service.

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For Neapolitan pizza, a UNESCO world heritage, and more

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Oven designs

A broad range of coverings that fit in with the style of any restaurant

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Microperforated Plate
A fragrant bake and fast heat recovery
User-friendly and practical, replaceable in seconds
Turbo® gas
Additional heating system below the cook plate
Wood, gas, pellet o mixed
3.200 kg/m3: extremely high-performance for storing, transferring, and recovering heat



Totally independent cooking

Anybody can make not just any pizza.

While Genius cooks, all the pizza-makers have to do is take out the pizza that passes in front of them and put in another in its place, and then the next, and so on.

It is an ongoing, linear work cycle.


A master pizza-maker

- Time
- Oven temperature
- Flame strenght

Genius automatically handles these three algorithms according to its type of pizza, and lets you always cook in one cook plate rotation.

Genius always knows what to do to achieve the best results using the least amount of gas or wood. More and more franchised chains around the world use Genius


Speedy service

Genius serves customers faster. Genius also facilitates pizza-makers’ tasks and streamlines their work, thus eliminating downtime. So in the peak hours of service Genius lets you serve customers faster, majorly cutting wait times.


Quality of cooking

The heat inside the cooking chamber distributes uniformly thanks to rotation, guaranteeing ever uniform cooking, never with raw or burnt crusts. Rotoforno models are equipped with systems that always keep the cook plate hot.


Extremely efficient stones

3200 kg/m³, versus 1800/2400 of a normal refractory. The Rotoforno’s refractory material is high-density, with mechanical resistance characteristics and resistance to wear and tear three times that of porphyry. It is an extremely high-performance stone for storing, transferring, and recovering heat. Not to mention guaranteed long life.


Installation anywhere

Rotoforno Genius can be installed on site, so you can also install it in places with just 70-cm wide passageway.


You can cover Rotoforno Genius with all the designer models in Marana’s range

Personalize your oven
Rotoforno Genius

Hourly production

Three factors dictate the production capacity: the pizza size, pizza cooking time, and oven size.

Select the cooking time and pizza diameter and find out the hourly production.

Rotoforno Genius



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