The oven that revolutionized the world of pizza in cooking quality and speedy service.

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For Neapolitan pizza, a UNESCO world heritage, and more

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Turbo® wood or gas
Additional heating system below the cook plate
Microperforated Plate
A fragrant bake and fast heat recovery
User-friendly and practical, replaceable in seconds
3.200 kg/m3: extremely high-performance for storing, transferring, and recovering heat
Wood, gas, pellet o mixed



Fuel savings

It always cooks at the ideal temperature thanks to the SU&GIU® rotating plate that can lift toward the dome to obtain a higher temperature. Plus, it guarantees less consumption of wood, gas, or pellets. If we always maintain a high temperature in moments when there is a lull in work, we are consuming fuel for no reason. And in some cases, you risk overheating the cook plate because we are not covering it with pizzas. In these circumstances, SU&GIU® lets you keep the temperature low, because by raising the cook plate the pizzas go near the dome where there is from 40 to 100°C more.


Immediate heat recovery

Keyword: resilience = plate always hot. Rotoforno SU&GIU has continuous plate heating systems, just like its two counterparts Rotoforno Classico and Rotoforno Genius. However, SU&GIU has a huge advantage—an additional fast heating system that the others don’t have. By raising the cook plate to the dome, it is immersed in a burning hot hood of about 600°C and is engulfed by flames. In a couple seconds, the plate regains the heat necessary for the oven to be like it was at the start of the evening.


Speedy service

Key concept: get rid of downtime. Rotoforno’s operation facilitates the pizza-maker’s tasks and streamlines his work. So in the peak hours of service Rotoforno lets you serve customers faster, majorly cutting wait times.


An oven that is your baker

The pizza-maker concentrates on the quality of his work, while the rotary oven takes care of turning the pizzas. Rotoforno SU&GIU works like an independent baker that lets the pizza-maker know when cooking is done so that the pizza-maker can put in the pizzas he has just artfully topped.

It is an ongoing, linear work cycle.


Seamless cooking

The heat distributes in a uniform manner inside the cooking chamber. Thanks to rotation, cooking is always uniform, never with raw or burnt crusts. Rotoforno models are equipped with systems that always keep the cook plate hot.


Extremely efficient stones

3200 kg/m³, versus 1800/2400 of a normal refractory. The Rotoforno’s refractory material is high-density, with mechanical resistance characteristics and resistance to wear and tear three times that of porphyry. It is an extremely high-performance stone for storing, transferring, and recovering heat. Not to mention guaranteed long life.


Installation anywhere

Rotoforno can be delivered preinstalled or can be installed on site, so you can also install it in places with just 70-cm wide passageway.


You can cover Rotoforno SU&GIU with all the designer models in Marana’s range

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